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We know that the holiday season is approaching and, like many others, you probably choose your destinations and research about them. If you want to travel internationally, especially in Europe, Romania can be the perfect location for you.

Why Romania? Even if it is not (yet) on the list of preferences of many people, probably because it is not such a well-known or promoted country, Romania is a country that offers a lot to its visitors. As you will see in this article, many colorful surprises await you if you choose to travel here. So arm yourself with joy, patience, and… with the information, we provide in the following.

The tradition is at home

Although urban areas are chosen by many of its residents, especially the youngest, Romania also has rural regions. If you arrive in this country you must visit some villages. Many young Romanians can boast, if you ask them, of grandparents living in the countryside.

They grew up with animals such as cows, horses, chickens, animals that some of us only see on the Internet. If you want to live the adventure of your life, the villages in the mountain areas will surprise you with their traditionalism. From locals wearing folk costumes, delicious traditional food to various animals, these experiences are unique and you will surely be left with unforgettable memories.

The online Romanian lessons taught by our patient teachers can help you prepare your baggage of essential words. This way you will be prepared for your trip to Romania.

Culinary experiences

Before arriving in Romania, you must prepare for the next culinary treat. In addition to the fact that the food is very diverse, you must be open-minded because your senses will surely be surprised. The good news is that, unlike other European countries, Romanian food has a good price that anyone can afford. So, here you will eat a lot and well! Don’t be afraid to try as many dishes as possible!

Not everyone speaks English

This is an additional reason to take online Romanian language lessons before traveling to this country. Well, although we live in modern times, in a country like Romania you may not always meet people who can understand you. Indeed, English is an international language, but a few basic words and phrases learned can get you out of trouble. Also, the locals will love you because you chose to learn a few words in their mother tongue.

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Don’t travel by train if you’re not ready

 Traveling by train in this country is cheap and will often take you to your destination. But if you haven’t been to this country before, you may find it difficult to see how they work. You have to buy the ticket 15-20 minutes before the train leaves, sometimes you have to run from one platform to another with your luggage behind you. For some destinations, you have to change several trains, which requires a lot of attention. But, beyond these obstacles, a train trip to Romania will be hard to forget.

We hope that these tips will be useful for you on your next trip to Romania. We also invite you to take part in our online Romanian language courses where you will find out everything you need to know before traveling to this small country, but with countless surprises.

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