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Who doesn’t like to travel? Please allow me to answer this: Nobody! Let’s learn some Romanian today by putting some words in this article which have to do with travelling. Romanian language is not included in the ones which are very difficult to learn and here, as far as this kind of words that we will teach you concerned, you will see why. On the other hand, if you already have hired your private Romanian teacher or taking some online Romanian classes, this will be a very good opportunity for you to refresh your vocabulary and your knowledge in general.

Romania is beautiful whichever period you will choose to travel there. There are wonderful landscapes, green is everywhere, even in the biggest cities, there are snowy mountains with hundreds of ski slopes for the adventurous ones, you can find eerie forests, putting you in the mood as this country, like everyone knows, is strongly related with horror and paranormal (see Count Dracula). Also, besides all these, you will be able to find as well, sandy beaches and sea, as Romania has access to Black Sea and believe me, you will find there beautiful scenery, nice waters for you to swim and doing plenty of water sports, great and luxurious resorts across all the coast to enjoy the stay that you totally deserve!

So, let’s not waste time and proceed with some useful words as we promised and we will state it clearly:

I want to travel! = Vreau sa calătoresc!

I want to go to Romania! = Vreau sa merg in Romania!

We know that, that’s why we will be your online Romanian tutor, at least through this article, in order to make your life easier:

fly = a zbura

airplane = avion

passenger = pasager

pilot (here is the same spelling as in English, but the pronunciation changes)

air hostess = însoțitoare de bord

seatbelt = centură de siguranță

We believe that in case you want to travel by plane to Romania, the above words will be very useful and helpful for you. Of course you should definitely not forget to take with you your passport = pașaport, your id card = carte de identitate, a good camera = aparat foto and your best mood = stare de bine!

In case now, that you are already in a Romanian city or village and you want to move by train, which is something that we would definitely recommend, in order for you to have the opportunity to admire as many landscapes as you can (and believe us, there are thousands of them), here are some words for you to learn:

I like to travel by train! = Îmi place să călătoresc cu trenul!

As Romania is a country not so mountainous, despite that there is the legendary Carpathian mountain range, the trains are moving almost in its whole territory and there is a train station at the majority of the cities, towns even small villages.

railway = calea ferată

train station = gară

train seat = loc

train ticket = bilet de tren

train driver = mecanic de tren

train wagon = vagon de tren.

If you want our opinion, a trip, even a short one, by train in Romania is a must. Especially if you travel during the winter and if you are lucky and it is snowing, that will definitely be an experience to remember for ever.

Finally, the bus network is also quite big and widespread in Romania offering you an extra way of travelling in the interior of the country. Here are some words related to this:

bus = autobuz

bus driver = sofer de autobuz

national road = drum national

gas station = benzinărie

station = statie.

As these Romanian lessons are reaching to the end, we are certain that we gave you a little bit of help when you decide to travel wherever and with whichever mean in Romania.

Have a nice trip! = Drum bun!

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