Here you find a guideline for the top 10 places to visit in Bucharest according to the most visited and yet, the most remarkable ones. Let’s get it started!

The Old Town – a perfect place for any insomniac

Old Center Bucharest

You have probably heard about the Old Town, the space where every single party man would want to spend an epic night.

“A Night to Remember” might be called the piece of Bucharest that never sleeps. And that is promised. “Refill” the wallet, call your friends, and let the party mode on! The night is yours. But what else has this place to offer? You can find Bucharest’s Old Town by going to the Lipscani area. Some streets in Bucharest are filled with pubs and clubs, while other ones give a glimpse of the city’s past.

Manuc’s Inn

Manuc’s Inn is one of the iconic buildings and the city’s oldest functioning inn. Standing in its expansive courtyard, you’ll be flanked by rows of restored balconies that yet have an antique appearance. The inn is undoubtedly a good location to sample traditional Romanian cuisine in an authentic setting.

Other popular activities here include walking around and admiring the emblematic architecture of the surroundings. Then you could stop and “taste a piece of history” at “The Old Courtyard Museum” which will elude the relationship between Bucharest and …Vlad The Impaler.

The Parliament Palace


If looking for some piece of history, The Parliament Palace might be one of the places you’ve been looking for. A huge building, dating since the communism era, whose construction was ordered by Nicolae Ceaușescu himself, is a very important and yet fascinating place in Bucharest. So, if you decide to visit this magnificent building, put some comfy shoes on, you’ll have to work those legs a little!

It was formerly known as the “Republic House” and then “People’s House”, but it was never built for the people. It is the most iconic building from the Communist era and was built to hold the ministries, Communist party offices, or the residences of high-ranking officials.

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Including around 3,000 rooms spread across 330.000 square meters, currently, a section of the building houses the National Museum of Modern Art and the offices of the Romanian Parliament, the “titanic building” promises to astonish you.

Therme – Bucharest

Even if it may seem unexpected at first, going to a beach with real yellow sand and palm trees is achievable in Romania, and the stunning place is located to the north of Bucharest. Therefore, you should choose your swimsuit and plan an outstanding outing whether the time of the year.

The largest urban beach in Europe, Sands of  Therme, is one of the best 10 places to visit in Bucharest, it is unquestionably a must-see attraction since it is the largest indoor wellness center in all of Europe. The spa complex is home to one of the largest botanical gardens in Romania, as well, and defilades with 10 thermally heated pools and 16 water slides.

What do you say, won’t you escape the “speedy Bucharest” to go for a swim?

Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum

One more spot in our top 10 places to visit in Bucharest is a special museum, where time could stop for a while. Who would’ve thought that in the middle of urban chaos, you might find village peace, where the time goes not so fastly, where traditions overcome the modern style? The ideal location to enjoy a true Romanian village experience, packed with architecture and folklore from every ancient province is the “Village Museum”.

See the steep-roofed peasant houses, thatched barns, log cottages, and churches, and let yourself fascinated by centuries-old tools people used to make a living like watermills, oil presses, road crucifixes, taste traditional Romanian cheese, dry sausages, and wine and discover the life Romanian grandparents once lived.

Football Museum In Bucharest

And for the ones eager to find out more and have some fun, Bucharest pride with “The first Football Museum in Eastern Europe”, displayed on 8 levels of unique experiences: knowledge, fun, competition, enthusiasm, shopping, and bubble tea coffee. All in one place, the “Romanian football lesson” will make you shout out loud: “Scored goaaaaal!” and put this location on your bucket list!

 Romanian Athenaeum

Romanian Athenaeum

The city’s most esteemed concert venue is the majestic Romanian Athenaeum (Ateneul Român), nicknamed “the Romanian Temple of Arts”, a historical monument and part of the European Heritage, located on Calea Victoriei, one of the oldest, yet with high cultural importance, it is the host for classic music festivals and it is proof that when a nation gathers together its forces, it builds an outstanding landmark under the same goal, 28 years of saving public money to create a masterpiece. Give this building a try and ask a local about the slogan behind success, ” 1 Leu, for the Atheneum”!

Bucharest green oasis

Even if the air isn’t quite the fresher, the Romanian capital prides itself on some of the oldest and largest parks in Europe, like Herastrau or Cismigiu Gardens Park. Just put on the comfy shoes and go for a ride in one of the many beautiful parks Bucharest owns like Carol, Izvor, or Titan. And if you still have some energy left, I recommend to you a walk to the Bucharest Botanical Garden, showcasing around 10.000 distinct plant species, spread over 17 hectares. So, put your shoes on, and go for some recreation right in the middle of the city!

Cărturești Carousel

And for those who have fun reading, one of the best 10 places to visit in Bucharest might be Cărturești Carousel, a bookshop with more than 10.000 books, around 5.000 albums, and DVDs awaiting their future owners carefully displayed on the 6 floors shelves. Therefore, don’t forget your glasses!

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