Today’s article intends to be for once more educative. By trying to be your private Romanian teacher, we will deliver a small Romanian lesson which will have to do with the human body. OK, we know that it’s very important to take care of our body (and mind), but why?

One thing is because it gives us energy which helps to focus and to accomplish our goals, or at least most of them. How often phrases like ‘’start diet and exercise to lose weight’’, ‘’quit smoking’’ and ‘’eat healthy’’ respond to reality? Well, the answer is ALWAYS! As we said, when we take care of our bodies, we increase energy levels which makes us more capable of accomplishing our daily targets in our work, in our personal life, in our relationships with the others and so on. As more energy we have, the easiest it gets to concentrate on our tasks and the as more we concentrate, the faster we finish them!

energy = energie

concentration = concentraţie

exercise = exercițiu

Another reason is, by taking care of our bodies, makes us being more pride of ourselves, makes us feel beautiful and gives us more self-confidence and also forces us -in a way- to appreciate ourselves.

pride = mândrie

self-confidence = încredere în sine

self-esteem = stimă de sine.

Moving on and enhancing the previous point a little bit more, it is important to add here that, how we feel physically plays a very significant role in how we feel emotionally. It is proved that stress, anxiety and even depression can be caused by physical illness.

physically = fizic

mentally = mintal

importantly = important

depression = depresie

anxiety = anxietate

According to various researches, our brains benefit from receiving proper nutrients. As it was mentioned above, a higher level of concentration can be achieved by simply approving our self care. How? By ‘’feeding’’ our brain with the proper vitamins and minerals which will result in an increase of our intelligence, will improve our memories and on the contrary, it will decrease depression levels.

brain = creier

nutrients = nutrienți

vitamins = vitamine

minerals = minerale

increase = crește

decrease = scădea

intelligence = inteligență

Now it is time to get to work. Some Romanian for foreigners who would like to know how words which have to do with our body are called in Romanian language. Starting from the top of the body we have:

head = cap

forehead = frunte

hair = păr

ear = ureche

eye = ochi

eyebrow = sprânceană

cheek = obraz

nose = nas

tooth = dinte

mouth = gură

lips = buze

chin = bărbie

As we are going to the middle part of our bodies, we have:

neck = gât

shoulder = umăr

back = spate

breast = piept

arm = braț

elbow = cot

stomach = belly

hand = mână

palm = palmă

finger = deget

nail = unghie

And the last part, the lower body:

knee = genunchi

leg = picior

paw = labă

heel = călcâi

Finally, let’s do some endoscopy and check out some words of some important organs of the human body:

heart = inimă

lungs = plămâni

liver = ficat

kidney = rinichi

We trust that the next time you will go to the doctor (may this never happen), in case you are in Romania, you will know a little bit better how to describe your issue to him!

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