One thing that many people love is mythology. Greek or Latin, Indian, Nordic, Egyptian or from all over the world, any place on earth can be proud of their myths and legends. These not only make you enter a whole new world, full of magic and fantastic beings, but they teach you countless lessons about life by telling the events of those characters.

Today we will stop on the enchanted land of Romania, where every corner of nature has a little mystery and fantasy.

The night of June 23 to 24 is an important one for Romanians, as it is the time of the Sânziene. Good fairies who fully manifest their magical powers only on this night, the Sânzienele are described as of unprecedented beauty, descending from the clouds of the clear June sky on the flowery meadows and plains to sing and dance in full celebration.

Barefoot, wearing white dresses on their tender bodies and wreaths of sânziene flowers on their heads, they begin their magical ritual only when they know that no one can see them, intensifying the power of medicinal plants, healing the diseases of people who believe in their magic, enriching the beauties of nature and of people’s lives, as it also banishes the bad weather that could ruin their crops and work over the years in agriculture (and not only).

Sanziene flowers reach their maximum power when the sun gives the world the strongest heat and light of the year, and if you put them in certain places on the night dedicated to fairies, magical things will happen to you. For example, it is said that if you will put them under the pillow, you will dream of your prince, or if you wear them on your waist the next day, all your diseases will be cured.

On Sânziene Day, no one is allowed to work: it is a holiday, a day when the world focuses on the power of love. If the girls throw their wreaths of sânziene flowers on the roofs of the houses, they will find out how long it will take until marriage: with each fall a year is added and they will wait until they find their loved one. Also, in many parts of the country, there are still festivals on this day, a festival in which girls and boys dance, sing, party, and worship these little creatures of good that will help them.

Other stories tell us that the most beautiful girl is chosen to be adorned: she is dressed like a bride, having wheat, herbs, and, of course, sânziene flowers around her dress. She must walk along with the agricultural fields and we observe a true ritual of fertility and abundance.

Many say that all the fairies came from the Sun’s sister: Iana Sânziana. Much has been written and said about her beauty and goodness, but also about the courageous act of running away from her brother when he fell in love with her.

The beauties of Romania do not stop only in mythology or in the dances of the Sânziens, and if you will ever be able to visit the lands where these magical creatures walk, you will understand why this country is famous for its beauty. People live in harmony with all the beings that move with them, being aware that the reality in which they lead their daily lives is full of magic.

During the online Romanian courses, we will talk more about Romanian holidays, but also about stories and legends that delight the listener. The topics we will address will be diversified and I, your online Romanian teacher, can adapt to your needs and I will gladly respond to the curiosities related to these magical people.


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