The most popular Romanian cities

How does it sound to you to have a city break right in Romania, the country of contrasts? If you’re looking for city-break suggestions, look no further than here because I’ve got you covered; here’s a list of some of the most popular Romanian cities! Keep reading and choose from the best Romania has to offer!

City-break to the most popular Romanian cities

We all live in a rush due to these continuously changing times. Thus we started to travel in a hurry and the city break comes in aiding those with little time to travel the world. So if you’re planning a city break, here’s a list of some of the most popular Romanian cities you must visit once in your lifetime. Three cities in Romania stand out from the rest when it comes to city breaks:  Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Brașov.


The most popular Romanian cities

Our number one on the list of the most popular Romanian cities is Bucharest, the country’s capital.  With a blend of both contemporary and traditional buildings, mostly known for its exciting nightlife, outstanding dining options, and museums, ready to delight you, it is a thriving city. According to Google Destination Insights, Bucharest, Romania’s most popular tourist destination for foreigners, gathers visitors from Italy, Germany, and even Israel in one place.

But what international travellers search for when they arrive in Bucharest? 

Well, when it comes to top attractions in the middle of Romanian capital city, tourists are looking for “the show,” from the fountains’ spectacular “dance” to the most significant green oasis like Botanical Garden or Cișmigiu Park, from the “Ceaușescu’s Villa” to the “Cathedral of the Salvation of the nation.”

 From the Romanian Athenaeum, a renowned cultural institution, to the Palace of the Parliament, the second-largest structure in the world, where visitors can learn about the city’s rich history, to the National Museum of Art of Romania, which has one of the largest collections of Romanian art, Bucharest will definitely fascinate the art enthusiasts. 

And let’s not forget about one of the famous spots in the city, the Old Town which is a must-see since it gives visitors a chance to take in the colorful ambiance and traditional architecture of the area while daylight, then the vivacity of a “never sleeping” city during the night.  All these, are perfectly packed in, ready to welcome visitors and let them fascinated in a city break to remember.

Second on our list of the most popular Romanian cities where you could have a city break is:


The most popular Romanian cities

Cluj-Napoca, represents an excellent destination for a city break in Romania since it offers a mix of historical landmarks, cultural attractions, beautiful nature, delicious food, and not to forget about its lively atmosphere. Whether you are interested in exploring the city’s architecture and museums, attending a festival or concert, or venturing into the surrounding mountains and countryside, Cluj-Napoca has something to catch your attention.

Reaching out to its tourist’s hearts, with some of the most served traditional dishes like “ciorbă” (sour soup), “sarmale” (stuffed cabbage) and the regional drink called pălincă, and its representative dish, “varză a la Cluj” (Romanian cabbage a la Cluj).

We say “Farewell Cluj” and keep the region of Transylvania up in our preferences, going down to the south-east of the area, where we get our number 3 on the list, which is Brașov, again, one of the most popular Romanian cities.


The most popular Romanian cities

 Brașov is a charming medieval city surrounded by mountains, dotted of buildings with a stunning look, straight out of a storybook. This large, fashionable city boasts something for everyone, including Rope Street, the narrowest street in Europe, and several towers, bastions, cathedrals, world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, and some of the most breathtaking landscapes.

 The major attraction of Brașov continues to be its enviable location close to some of the best alpine resorts in Romania, which makes it a fantastic option for mountain enthusiasts looking to mix art and culture with many outdoor experiences. This is why, a winter enthusiast like me, will be fascinated by a city like Brașov, but please, tell none, I’ve spotted a city for sealovers too, so don’t blame me for my choice! 😉 

What is the Most Beautiful City of Romania?


 But which city is worth visiting first? Well, it is up to you, since Romania has plenty of cities that mix up the old with the new, from the bustling to the most peaceful ones, from those ready to welcome lovers to the ones that suit those looking for “treats and peace,” the land of legends and vampires is more than that, it is a place where everyone has something to learn, taste, experience. Give it a shot. Regrets have no room, no matter the visited place.  If you ever wondered what is the most beautiful city in Romania, well, here’s our pick!

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 We keep moving to the Transylvania region and get again straight to one of the most popular Romanian cities, the “watching eyes” of Sibiu. Like many others, we couldn’t get rid of their sight, so we recommend the city of Sibiu, which is located in Transylvania, our choice for the most beautiful Romanian city. This city’s history, architecture, culture, and charm will astonish your traveler’s curiosity. 

Beginning with its history, Sibiu has a long and tumultuous past. Founded by the Saxons in the 12th century, it became one of Europe’s most important medieval cities; with its strategic location, Sibiu was a center of commerce and trade. Later on, it got to be ruled by the Austro-Hungarian Empire and became a cultural hub.  One of the most beautiful Romanian cities is known as the cultural capital of Romania. It is renowned for its vibrant arts scene, festivals, exhibitions, and concerts throughout the year. 

For instance, the ASTRA National Museum Complex is a must-see while visiting Sibiu; it is one of the most significant open-air museums in Europe, showcasing the traditional way of living in Romania by presenting a unique insight into the country’s cultural heritage. 

 The medieval walls around the old town remained intact. Thus, it is a place where visitors can stroll around this historical side of the city, known as the Citadel. Its buildings in the old town, which are a mix of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles, create a unique and breathtaking scenery, best to be captured in “Instagramable” photos.  As landmarks attractions, you shouldn’t miss out on visiting the Brukenthal Palace, the Council Tower, or the Evangelical Church. And that’s not all; Sibiu is famous for its beauty; with well-maintained streets and houses, the city has managed to preserve its unique charm, creating a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. 

 The most beautiful city in Romania can be the perfect spot for lovers since its squares are filled with small cafes and restaurants, where visitors can enjoy authentic Romanian cuisine while admiring the views.  “Embraced” by beautiful countryside, the city also offers several outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, or skiing; thus you should pack that bag and start making some memories!  Its central Transylvanian position is a great starting point for areas touring the other medieval towns. 

 Moreover, the city also hosts a medieval festival, a jazz festival, and a Christmas market, which will definitely melt your heart if it happens to visit in the winter season.  Sibiu is a perfect spot for a city break, welcoming tourists with a mix of history, culture, architecture, and cuisine, whether you are interested in exploring the city’s historic landmarks, attending a cultural event, or simply relaxing in a charming cafe.

What are the 5 important cities of Romania? Here’s What You Need to Know! 

 Everybody may find something to enjoy in Romania, from ancient cities to contemporary metropolises. A few cities that stand out significantly impact the nation’s history, economics, and tourism. Let’s dive in and learn what are the 5 important cities of Romania and why they attract visitors worldwide. 



 The most significant city on Romania’s Black Sea shore is Constanța, which serves as the nation’s principal city-port and a location rich in ancient history dating back to the Roman and Greek civilizations. 

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Visit Ovidiu Square (named after the Roman poet who was exiled in Tomis, the ancient name of Constanța), stroll to the Tourist Port and take a picture with the popular Constanța casino, or go partying in Mamaia, one of Romania’s nightlife centers during summer.

310,471 people are living in the Romanian city of Constanța. Along with Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, and Timisoara, Constanta is one of Romania’s four largest and most evenly sized cities after the nation’s capital, Bucharest.

 One of Romania’s principal industrial, economic, and tourism hubs is Constanța,as well as one of the biggest ports in Europe. The city’s port is also the largest on the Black Sea.


 Second, in our top 5 important cities of Romania, Cluj-Napoca also gets second place in Romania’s top most populous city representing an important economic, academic, and cultural center.  Known for its beautiful architecture, museums, and festivals, the city’s most important landmark is the Saint Michael’s Church, a gothic-style building dating back to the 14th century. Cluj-Napoca gathers many visitors with its nightlife, music festivals, and cultural events like the Transylvania International Film Festival.

 According to Numbeo’s ranking, Cluj Napoca was rated 77.8 out of 100 and is currently 17th in the top 100 safest cities worldwide. Isn’t that amazing? 



 We can’t leave the Transylvanian region without mentioning the city of Brașov, the heart of the Carpathian Mountains. It is an essential cultural and economic center with a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire.  The city is surrounded by forests, mountain peaks, and medieval fortresses, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and the capital of the Romanian tourism.


Timisoara in Romania

 We say goodbye to the boiling spot in Romanian tourism, Transylvania, and go to the southwest Banat region to discover Timișoara, one of the most important cities in western Romania and a significant economic and cultural center.  Renowned for its vibrant art scene, museums, and architecture, the city played a crucial role in Romania’s 1989 Revolution and is often called the “City of Freedom.” Here you can explore the historic old town, visit the Timișoara Art Museum, or marvel at the beautiful buildings, such as the Baroque-style Timișoara Orthodox Cathedral and the Opera House. Give the city a chance to win your traveler’s heart!

 Timișoara is parading on the podium as the second Romanian city as a matter of safety and the 25th in the Numbeo’s ranking, scoring 75.8 out of 100. 

 Alba Iulia 

Alba Iulia

 We go back to the heart of the country and keep on “the road of history,” getting to Alba Iulia, an Episcopal stronghold and significant political, military, and cultural hub, which served as the autonomous Principality of Transylvania and the home for the region’s rulers. The integration of Romania’s three central provinces, Walachia, Transylvania, and Moldavia, was accomplished here briefly in 1599 by Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave).

The city symbolized the struggle for justice and independence after the peasant uprising headed by Horea, Cloșca, and Crișan, which was put down on February 28, 1785, on Pitchfork Hill (Dealul Furcii). Remember the significant event that led to the nowadays Romania, The Union of Transylvania with Romania, proclaimed in Alba Iulia on December 1, 1918. 

  These is just a piece of Romania. A variety of landscapes, including gently rolling hills surrounded by forest, peaceful mountains, and stunning medieval cities, monasteries, and famous castles, that’s Romania’s overall looks and the same are the most popular Romanian cities: diverse, with unique charm and specific features.

As a result, Romania is a fantastic place to travel, and several of its cities are so charming that they appear straight from a fairy tale. 

Our selection of the most popular Romanian cities to visit satisfies everyone’s taste, so no worries, disappointment has no room over here. Give these cities a chance and let yourself be amazed by the Romanian people’s culture, history, and spectacular!

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