Article by Oana Iosifidis

Did you know that the most depressing day of the year was declared to be the third Monday of January (and of the year of course) and is called Blue Monday? There is also a mathematical formula about this, calculating factors like weather conditions, debt level etc. The definition was first heard by a UK travel company, Sky Travel and was first published in a 2005 press release. The author of this was British psychologist, Cliff Arnall.

In this article, taking the opportunity that we just left behind this depressing day, we will say some things about this Monday, providing as we always do, some words and expressions in Romanian language and we really hope to give you a boost to consider of starting your private Romanian lessons and learn this beautiful language.

depression = depresie

day = zi

year = an

Monday = luni

Tuesday = marţi

Wednesday = miercuri

Thursday = joi

Friday = vineri

Saturday = sâmbătă

Sunday = duminică

math formula = formula mathematică

weather conditions = condițiile meteo

psychologist = psiholog

As we mentioned above, The British psychologist Cliff Arnall “paints” the third Monday of the year “Blue” and with a mathematical equation, characterizes it as the most depressing day of the year. The blue color is a symbol of sweetness, air, wisdom, inner harmony and under these conditions, it should bring calm and relaxation.

January = ianuarie

February = februarie

March = martie

April = aprilie

May = mai

June = iunie

July = iulie

August = august

September = septembrie

October = octombrie

November = noiembrie

December = decembrie

paint = a picta 

equation = ecuaţie

the blue color = culoarea albastră

air = aer

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wisdom = înțelepciune

harmony = armonie

But Arnal’s reasoning is different, and the reasons why he named the third Monday of the year as the most depressing day of the year are specific: the glow of the holidays has faded, the scene of supposed “love and warmth” has changed and its place has been “taken” by winter, which has invaded for good. “Freezing” in the atmosphere and in people. Accounts stacked. The dreams and goals we have set for the new year, have not yet become a reality.

reason = motiv

the third = al treilea

glow = strălucire

holidays = sărbători

winter = iarnă

spring = primăvară

summer = vară

autumn = toamnă

goal = scop

reality = realitate

Specifically, the equation includes the variables: weather, debts, the time that has passed since Christmas and the time since the expectations for the new year were dashed, in relation to the low levels of motivation. The above factors lead to bad mood and low psychology. “Blue Monday” is widely discussed as the most depressing day and in Britain there is a charity, which believes that the solution to combat the fall at the end of January, is the bright outfit!

the variables = variabilele

debts = datorii

expectation = așteptare

in relation to = în raport cu

charity = caritate

solution = soluţie

outfit = imbracaminte

Mental health team, urges people to dress in colorful clothes, to stimulate the condition of those suffering from depression or Seasonal Emotional Disorder, as part of “Blue Monday”.

condition = condiție

to suffer = a suferi

All these seem pretty interesting, but don’t you worry anymore, as this Monday already passed for this year. If you ask me, I would say that it’s just another Monday!

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