Terms and Conditions of romanianonline.com
Before you use the website romanianonline.com, please make sure you have read the Terms and Conditions carefully. By using the services that are offered on this website, you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.
Information about the right of withdrawal for customers, which is regulated by law, can be found under Paragraph V §2 of these Terms and Conditions.
References for saving information can be found in Paragraph II of these Terms and Conditions.

I Validity of the Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions are deemed to be the basis for completing the contract between the contractor, romanianonline.com, and its contractual partner, and address all services offered on the Internet website romanianonline.com
The terms of business apply to natural and legal persons, hereafter named users, who make use of the romanianonline.com service.

II Subject Matter of the Contract
For the purpose of learning Greek on the romanianonline.com site, the user is offered both free and non-free services. There is no legal claim for the service offered by romanianonline.com

The free service offers a Romanian language exchange service and different learning material for the user (e.g. Romanian movies, podcasts and choice of Romanian demo courses).

III Requirements needed to use romanianonline.com
§ 1 Technical Requirements/ testing duty of the user
For the use of the romanianonline.com, a computer with access to the internet (preferably ISDN, ADSL) and a recent update of the browser are necessary.
Before concluding the contract, the customer is obligated to check if he/she can provide the technical requirements for receiving the service. The user is responsible for providing the technical requirements at his/her own cost.

§ 2 Obligation to maintain confidentiality/ Legal consequences by infringement
The user is obligated to keep his/her user name and password confidential and they must not share confidential information with others. The user is obligated to protect his/her user name and password from misuse by a third-party. Any activities that are carried out with the user’s authorisation are the responsibility of the user. The access to the platform is limited to the user. If more than one person is simultaneously logged in with the same user-account, the contract will be immediately terminated and there is no claim for refund of the costs already paid for the course.
romanianonline.com reserves the right to exclude the user  if the contract is broken.

§ 3 Right of use
Persons who make use of the offered service from the romanianonline.com have the right to use only the offered data privately. Using this data for commercial purpose is not allowed. Furthermore, it is not permitted to give access to the user’s learning material to a third-party. In case of infringement, the user is obligated to pay compensation for damages. romanianonline.com is then authorised to cancel the contract without further notice and without a user’s claim for a refund of the costs for the courses.

§ 4 Extension and updates of the service
romanianonline.com is authorised to update and extend any service for the benefit of the user. This ensures that services offered in the contract, agreed to by both parties, are made available to the user.

§ 5 Proprietary Rights
Copyright/ Right to a Name
Any content created and provided by romanianonline.com is copyrighted and proprietary and may neither be duplicated nor used commercially. The same applies for extracted data. In case of infringement the customer is obligated to pay compensation for damages. romanianonline.com is then authorized to cancel the contract without further notice and no refund will be given to the user.
By downloading, saving and printing the material from the romanianonline.com website, the user has the legal right to to the downloaded or printed material. The copyright for any material which is provided by romanianonline.com is for romanianonline.com only and will not be given away.
The romanianonline.com icon and the name of the romanianonline.com company are protected by the Right to a Name. Use of the name needs to be permitted by the romanianonline.com  company.

§ 6 Links
The learning portal romanianonline.com  contains selected links to other Internet websites over which romanianonline.com has no influence. Nor does the company take responsibility for the data and content of other websites, nor does romanianonline.comaccept liability. On May 12, 1998 the Regional Court of Hamburg judged that by placing links on the website, a company would be jointly responsible for damages that might occur from linked websites. This can only be prevented by explicitly disassociating oneself from any content of linked websites.
Therefore romanianonline.com explicitly dissociates itself from any content of the linked websites on the romanianonline.com homepage and does not claim any of the contents as its own. romanianonline.com is not liable for any damage done by third-parties (unless such actions are intentional) on the website.

§ 7 Data Protection
romanianonline.com respects the privacy of all users. romanianonline.com treats any personal information of the user confidentially and only provides as much user information to other websites as necessary, and to the extent that the user has confirmed it as an allowable contract entry.
§ 8 Applicable Law/ Place of Jurisdiction
During the contract with a user, this is only the case if the user were to lose the security of various federal consumer-protection laws, which are essential to all persons.
If the user is a businessman or an official from public law, the place of business of the Lengalia company is to be the place of jurisdiction for any civil dispute regarding these business conditions and about the validity of any conclusion of the contract with the Lengalia company.

IV Conditions for the usage of the Romanian courses/Podcasts/Videos
§ 1 Conclusion of a contract
In order to use the Romanian courses/podcasts/videos requires pre-registration. By clicking the button “Buy“ and by confirming payment, the user submits a binding quote to order the selected period of access from a Greek course/podcast/video. The user is then obligated to pay the fee. Having paid, the user automatically receives a booking confirmation via email. The contract between the user and Lengalia is valid upon receipt of the payment confirmation.

§ 2 Right of Withdrawal
(1) Declaration of Revocation
You are entitled to withdraw your agreement to the contract within fourteen days of submitting a contract. No reasons must be given, but the withdrawal must be communicated in written form (via e-mail).

(2) Consequences of Withdrawal
If a user has effectively withdrawn, any transactions in which both parties participate (i.e., payments, downloaded lessons, etc.) are to be returned to the owners, respectively. If this service cannot be returned, then it must be paid for. In this case the user may be required to pay for any services or benefits gained during the time before the contract withdrawal was confirmed.
In case of an effective withdrawal, romanianonline.com refunds a user fee to the customer.
– The refund of the user fee is free for customers who have a bank account within the European Union. romanianonline.com refund any costs already paid for the course, which will be carried out via a bank transfer to the bank account of the customer. The customer therefore must send his own bank data to romanianonline.com (IBAN, BIC / SWIFT Code).
– Users within the European Union who only use their PayPal account to receive the refund once the contract is over will be charged interest of 1.9% +0.35€ (from PayPal). Users outside of the European Union will be charged interest of 3.9% + 0.35€ (from PayPal). Users who do not have a bank account within the European Union are therefore recommended to open a PayPal account when entering the contract.
– If the user neither has a bank account within the European Union nor a PayPal account, the refund will be carried out via BEN-transfer. This means the receiver of the refund (the user or the one responsible for the withdrawal) pays any fees that come with the transfer of the refund. Therefore romanianonline.com recommends such users to inquire first at a bank about the additional fee.

(3) Termination of the Right of Withdrawal
The Right of Withdrawal terminates earlier if the contract has been fulfilled by both parties and the user has explicitly agreed to this before making use of the Right of Withdrawal. This is the case when the user logs in on the romanianonline.com website of their own accord and accesses the paid Romanian course.

§ 3 Terms of Contract
The service provided by romanianonline.com depends on the course/podcast/videos and the period of access the user has opted for. The contents and the corresponding costs can be found on the website romanianonline.com under “Courses”.

  § 3a Romanian courses, podcasts and videos
Access to the romanianonline.com  allows the user access to the paid lessons, podcasts, and videos and their corresponding learning material.

  § 3b Learning tools
The user has a virtual teacher, a vocabulary trainer (It may be the case that the level/course in the desired language is not yet available), a learning statistics.

§ 4 Delivery of service
The romanianonline.com service makes the learning platform available for the paid Greek course/podcast or videos.  This becomes available as soon as the fee for the chosen Greek course has been successfully transferred to romanianonline.com.
The user always must pay in advance and this is due immediately after the conclusion of the contract.

§ 5 Prices
Prices for any Romanian courses are those published and applicable at the time of ordering. All mentioned prices are final prices and include the value added tax.

§ 6 Period of contract/ Cancelling of the contract
The learning platform can be used anytime by the user, as long as the Romanian course/podcast/video has been paid for. After the period of access, the contractual relationship between the user and romanianonline.com automatically ends and the user does not have to cancel his contract.
If the user wants to use the Romanian courses again, a new contract must be completed on the website.

§ 8 Liability
The liability of romanianonline.com for any damages by inapplicable content, technical and operational failures or any damages are limited to deliberate action and gross negligence. Therefore, romanianonline.com is not liable in the case of simple negligence. The user is only excluded from liability in the case of a simple negligence when it does not comprise a violation of cardinal duties; which is particularly important contractual duties, negotiated by romanianonline.com.
Any liability for unexpected damages for any user is excluded.
romanianonline.com is not liable for any damages that occur to the user by misusing the account data (user-name, password). Furthermore, romanianonline.com  points out that the transmission of user data (password and user-name) over the Internet, given current technology, is not completely safe.

These terms and conditions are in place as of May 15, 2020.

Online Dispute Resolution
In accordance with Article 14 (1) of the ODR Regulation and Article 36 of the VSBG The EU Commission provides a platform for out-of-court disputes. Consumers gives this the opportunity to clarify disputes related to their online booking initially out of the ordinary. The dispute settlement platform can be found here: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr. The company does not participate in a dispute settlement procedure before a consumer sacking agency.

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