We know that he fell in love with Romania, the land of brave princes and wonderful landscapes, and we offer you, through our articles, several reasons to fall in love with this country. Today we take you on a cultural journey and we present to you some of the most famous and appreciated Romanian films.

Thus, if you choose to watch them, not only will you enrich your film culture, but you will also have the opportunity to practice your notions from the Romanian language vocabulary, listening carefully to the pronunciation of Romanian words.

If I want to whistle,I  whistle

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Surely you have heard about this film that turned Romanian film culture (and not only!) Upside down. He has won numerous awards, both national and international. We do not offer many details because we let you discover on your own. But we warn you that it is a lot of drama, but also a story about love and youth.

Michael The Brave

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Totally changing direction, we recommend a film about the troubled history of this small country, Romania. Historical films are among the best Romanian cinematographic productions, and Sergiu Nicolaescu, the general director of the film, a character whose name still resonates.

The film presents the famous attempt to unite the three provinces – Wallachia, Transylvania, and Moldavia. The film is an extraordinary projection, both for the subject itself, the special effects untouched by the influence of technology, but also for the famous actors who played – Florin Piersic and Sergiu Nicolaescu himself.

4 months, 3 weeks and 2 days

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Another highly publicized film was 4 months, 3 weeks, and 2 days, especially due to the controversial subject it touched on. In addition to the numerous reviews it received, the film won the Palme d’Or Award, which is worth mentioning.

The action takes place during the communist regime where a young woman, helped only by her friend, tries to have an abortion. Today, this intervention is not a major one, but in those days, abortion was illegal.

The dark drama, as this work is described, follows not only the story of these girls and a friendship closely related to this event, but also the life you lived in those times overshadowed by the communist regime. You can watch such a film for your general culture, but also for the story.

The Dacians

romanian lessons

Also in the category of historical films, we recommend the film Dacians, a film that presents the bloody history and the battle between the Dacians and the Romans. Before watching this film, you should know that Dacia was (for the most part) what Romania is today. As in the case of the film Mihai Viteazul, it also aims to show the adventures that the ancestors went through.

You have to admire the scenery, the costumes and the dramatic scenes captured very well in this film. Even if these movies are not very recent, we have chosen to recommend some of the best. We advise you to listen carefully to the actors’ remarks, trying to recognize the Romanian words you already know.

If you need help in this regard, our Romanian language teacher can help you with great pleasure, giving you all the explanations you need.

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