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The decision is taken: you discussed with your friends or with your family or with your husband/wife to visit the wonderful country of Romania. You have been advised by your private Romanian teacher, you took some Romanian lessons and here you are ready to set off sails (metaphorically speaking) to Bucharest, Iași, Timișoara, Constanța and other less famous but-who knows- maybe even more beautiful places! Definitely this country has plenty of them! But when it comes to the luggage preparation, do you really know what you are going to take with you? In this article, you will find some words in Romanian language which refer to clothes in order for you to know what you are actually taking with you in both languages, yours and Romanian!

Being for a little bit (actually for this article only) your online Romanian tutor, we will start with unisex piece of cloth which is:

pantaloni = trousers. Depending on someone’s style, there is also blugi = jeans or if he/she is more athletic or even they want to do some sports, they can take with them colanți = leggins and treninguri = training pants.

Then, depending also on the season that you want to visit, you have to carry with you some bluze = sweatshirts if we suppose that the season you are visiting is autumn or winter, as the weather is usually very cold from the middle of October until approximately the beginning of April. Now, if you want to visit the beautiful mountainous sites in the summer, you will have to take some tricouri = t-shirts but also, as the nights will definitely be more chillier, we would recommend you to take some pulovere/hanorace = sweaters and light jachete = jackets. On the other hand, if you are a sea lover and want to dive into the dark waters of the Black Sea in Constanța or in the famous beach of Vama Veche, the most important thing that you will need is -what else- costume de baie = swimsuits. Our female visitors, we are sure that they will take with them fuste = skirts and  rochii = dresses. They will need them in their nights out in the city which never sleeps, Bucharest, with its countless bars and club and with the famous nightlife.

However, if you are a man, don’t forget to take also with you some cămăși = shirts and in case you want to be more elegant, you definitely must take paltoane = coats if, of course, you are going to travel during the winter. In that case, you will need an eșarfă = scarf, mănuși = gloves and căciulă = beanie. Don’t forget what we said, the cold in Romania is not joking! For that, necessary is also to take many pairs of thick șosete = socks. When the need time comes, a nice set of pijamale = pijamas will make your sleep sweeter and will give you a bigger rest during your relaxation hours in the hotel.

Last but not least: Don’t forget to take with you at least two pairs of pantofi = shoes and more specifically tenisi = sport shoes as it is certain that you will need them in the long walks that you will make. Also, in case it’s snowing, some ghete = boots will save your feet from transforming into ice-cubes! We would like to believe that we accomplished our mission to get for a little bit in the shoes of your Romanian teacher and provided you some advice as well of what to get with you when you decide to visit Romania.

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