Romanian Language Basics

Traveling in Romania: Your Guide to the Basics of the Romanian Language

Traveling in Romania is a wonderful experience. Knowing some Romanian language basics can make your trip even easier.

Here are some reasons why you should learn these expressions:

Easier communication: Many Romanians speak English, but not all. They are found especially in rural areas or in smaller cities. Knowing some basic expressions can help you communicate more effectively with the locals. It helps you ask for directions, order food, or do shopping.

More pleasant interactions: People appreciate when a stranger tries to speak their language. This can lead to warmer and friendlier interactions. It opens doors for deeper conversations and authentic experiences.

Culture and traditions: Understanding and using local expressions can help you get acquainted with Romanian culture and traditions. This can enrich your travel experience. It offers you unique perspectives on the Romanian way of life.

Security: During an emergency, having a grasp of fundamental phrases can assist in conveying your issue quickly and effectively. This applies to various scenarios such as health concerns, misplacement of personal belongings, or any unexpected circumstances.

This complete guide will provide essential information and practical advice to improve your language skills. It helps you to manage more easily during your travels in Romania.

Romanian Language Basics: Phrases and expressions to use

It will be extremely beneficial to have a grasp of a few fundamental phrases and expressions in Romanian when embarking on your travels. Presented below are a few indispensable examples:

Greetings and introductions:

Bună ziua – Hello ( It is a universal greeting used for any moment of the day)

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Bună seara – Good evening (It is used after 6:00 PM)

Mulțumesc – Thank you (Essential for politeness and gratitude)

Vă rog – Please (Used to ask for something or to thank someone)

Scuze – Sorry (To apologize or excuse yourself)

La revedere – Goodbye (Used to say goodbye)

Pe curând – See you

Mă numesc… My name is…

Cum te numești? What is your name?

Îmi pare bine să te cunosc! – Nice to meet you!

Shopping and Restaurant

Cât costă? – How much does it cost? (To inquire about the price of a product or service)

Meniul, vă rog – Menu, please (Ask for the menu in a restaurant)

Vreau să comand – I want to order (To place an order in a restaurant)

Pot să plătesc cu cardul? – Can I pay by card?

Acceptați euro? – Do you accept euros?

Unde este un bancomat? – Where is an ATM?

Căutați ceva anume? – Looking for something specific?

Aveți mărimea… (pentru haine)? – Do you have the size… (for clothes)?

Orientation and Transportation

Autobuz – Bus (To request bus information)

Gara – Train (To request directions to the train station)

Taxi – (To request a taxi)

Unde este stația de autobuz? – Where is the bus station?

Cum ajung la gară? – How do I get to the train station?

La ce oră pleacă autobuzul/trenul? – What time does the bus/train leave?

Cât costă un bilet? – How much does a ticket cost? Aici este un loc liber? – Is there a free seat here?

Common Questions

Cât costă? – How much does it cost?

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Unde este…? Where is…?

Ce oră este? What time is it?

Pot să fac o poză? Can I take a picture

Vorbiti engleza? Do you speak english?

Cum ajung la…? How do I get to…?

Pot să vă ajut? Can I help you?

Conclusion and cultural recommendations

Engaging in cultural activities such as attending events and visiting museums and monuments provides individuals with a more profound insight into the history and traditions of Romania.

Romanian cuisine is rich and varied. Do not hesitate to try various traditional foods and drinks.

Knowing these basic phrases and expressions in Romanian can help you manage better during your travels in Romania. Be open to learning and interacting with the locals, and your experience in this wonderful country will definitely be a memorable one.

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