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Romanian lessons



Learning alone can sometimes be difficult. Therefore, I have created a range of general courses and resources for Romanian language so you can communicate in this language with confidence. If you haven’t learned Romanian before or you need to recap your basics, I can help you improve your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. I will help you get start communicating and understanding basic information to interact with people in Romanian and Moldova, at work or in different social contexts. Learn Romanian and discover the variety of courses, specially created to help you take the first steps in your Romanian journey.

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Romanian courses for adults provide a wide variety of courses, that give the learner the opportunity to know the pure Romanian language. The course support includes textbooks and literature, history, art, sports, daily newspaper articles, audio-video media. Learn Romanian, fast and easy! The Romanian course is also a unique way to spend leisure time, to relax and train the imagination. The final results are always above expectations, the participants will gain new knowledge, each time you will use them. I’ll give you a training course, that is fun and easy to understand, so that the Romanian language becomes an excellent experience!

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romanian lessons



Learn Romanian with us! If you want to learn Romanian, you have come to the right place. Here you will receive tips and resources for this fascinating journey that is learning a foreign language. Whether you are a beginner, or already have experience on this road, here you will find a place for help and encouragement. Learning Romanian is not always a simple thing, but it is extremely beautiful. Whether you want to take part in Romanian courses for recreational or professional purposes, with a sense of determination and the willingness to devote a part of your time to this activity, any difficulty in learning Romanian will be easy to overcome.

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Romanian language courses from 15 €/hour. Cursuri de limba romana de la 15 €/ ora.