Romania is a beautiful country in the south-eastern Europe. The last years, the progress of the state is remarkable. Many young people (and not only) are immigrating there in order to find better jobs, higher quality in their life, better future for them and their children. There are numerous big and small companies of all kind. Multinational companies also, have trusted the Romanian ground in order to open there their centers, providing employment to many foreigners and Romanians.

In this article, we will offer you some Romanian Lessons, in a funny way let’s say, by presenting you some slang phrases and words that they will make you seem cool to the eyes of the locals and -why not- that you will probably need during your installation in this wonderful country or -simply- your visit to its beautiful touristic locations!

Lets start with the famous ‘’Pe bune?’’ which means ‘’Seriously?’’  and is used to indicate our surprise when we hear something that we don’t expect. Very common in the daily discussions, for sure you will be hearing this one a lot!

After, we continue with the word ‘’baftă’’ which means ‘’good luck’’. This one is used from one person to another when, for instance, they are about to start their daily work, or they have to present something, or even when a person plays a game or exercises a sport and has the wishes for success from the other person. Simple and kind!

The word ‘’fain’’  is the short version of the word ‘’frumoș’’ which means ‘’beautiful’’. It is a very simple way to express your admiration to something, an event or an object. The expressions ‘’ ce fain’’  or ‘’ce frumoș’’ are very often used in the everyday discussions between the Romanians.

As we are going on with our Romanian Lessons, we have the word ‘’frate’’  which literally means ‘’brother’’. However, besides its actual meaning, it can be also used when we want to address a friend and -yes- even a female friend! Another one usage of this word is to show our disappointment to someone or to express our anger to someone or for something. Respectively, for plural, we can use the word ‘’fraților’’.

The next one in our list is the famous ‘’mișto’’. We can guarantee to you that this is a word that you will be hearing a lot once you arrive at Romania. The meaning of the word is simply ‘’cool’’ . Besides that, this is a word that also used to express the admiration to something good that happened to someone (‘’Ce mișto!’’) which means ‘’How nice!’’ but on the contrary, it has a negative meaning as well when we want to mock or to laugh at someone. (‘’Face mișto de mine’’= ‘’He/she is laughing at me’’).

The word ‘’nașpa’’ in Romanian is a slung word that was derived, along with the non-slang one ‘’nasol’’. We use these words when we want to say that something is or went bad. Grammatically, the word ‘’nașpa’’ is not declined and being a slang, is the same form for male and female. On the other hand, the word ‘’nasol’’ is declined normally, having a female form (‘’nasoala’’) and a male one which remains the same, ‘’nasol’’

We hope that, with these online Romanian Lessons for the slang words, which we presented on this article, we introduced you, in a way, into the every day -friendly- discussions and gave you an idea of how to express yourself in the above situations if you ever step your foot on the Romanian ground!

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