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It is a fact that the last decades, the populations almost globally -we would say- started moving massively to the cities.  The urbanization as it is called, is the tendency of people to concentrate in large cities, where they could find jobs more easily, they had more choices in the entertainment, in the shopping maybe, in general their lives had become much easier and the quality had raised. On the other hand, this fact couldn’t be without some consequences. The gathering of too many people in a small space (especially in the beginning) favors environmental pollution is the most important. Also, it’s harder for people to socialize and most of the times, causes pathological social phenomena like criminality, drug trafficking etc.

In this article though, we will try to be on the opposite side. We will provide some reasons why, on the other hand, it is more beneficial for people to live in the countryside. Of course, we will do this by providing some words in Romanian language, as -and don’t forget that- Romania is a very big country with very large countryside areas as well, besides of course the big cities. Consider it like mini online Romanian lessons! So, until you find your suitable Romanian tutor, let’s go further!

You eat healthy and natural. The life in countryside offers the possibility of a healthy nutrition daily and that is because we can buy more fresh products there than in the city. Moreover, it gives us the choice to plant our own fruits and  vegetables, what better than this! This way, we will have the opportunity as well to save money since we will consume our very own products.

I eat = eu mănânc

health = sănătate

nature = natură

countryside = mediu rural

nutrition = nutriție

fruits = fructe

vegetables = legume

products = produse

In general, the air is naturally more clear in the countryside, as it is far from the areas with hundreds of factories and thousands of cars. In addition, in the big cities, there is a high concentration of garbage and the increasing raise of the polluted water, especially in the poor neighborhoods. It is proved that the people who live in the countryside have less breathing issues compared with the ones in the cities.

air = aer

factory = fabric

vehicle = vehicul

garbage = gunoi

pollution = poluare

neighborhood = cartier

breathe = respirația

Live in peace. In the village, you have the possibility to live a quiet, peaceful life without stress, without being all the time in a hurry. As a result, this will give a more spiritual and physical health. It is commonly known, that the biggest issues in the society come from the daily stress within the cities

peace = pace

village = sat

stress = stress

society = societate

One important factor is safety. The levels of criminality in the countryside are by far lower. Literally, someone can live there with his door unlocked (if we want to exaggerate a bit). We should take this into consideration, especially the parents.

important = important

safety = siguranță

criminality = criminalitatea

door = uşă

parents = părinţi

Last but not least: average cost of living. A very important factor when you choose to live in a village is the price of the products. The services, the housing and everything we consume are by far cheaper in the countryside. We need twice less money there than in the cities.

the cost of living = costul vieţii

price = preț

services = servicii

money = bani

cheap = ieftin

expensive = scump

We are not sure if we affected you to take any decision about doing this step for your life by moving to the countryside, but we are sure that we helped you learning some more things in the Romanian language!

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