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About the history of Romania – Evolution and Decline!

Learn Romanian language online and discover the history and story of Romanian words. Another key point, in this article, we will talk about the period in which the first Romanian words appeared. We will also mention how the first words began to appear.

The Romanian language comes from Latin. As a result, Latina settled in the new province with the administration and the Romanian army. As can be seen in the other conquered provinces, the Dacians were forced by practical needs to adopt Latin as a secondary language. This language was used in their relations with the administration, Romanian colonists, and army.

For example, in Gallia, those who first adopted the Latin language were the nobles and merchants. In addition, they sent their children to Romanian schools. They sent them to Romanian schools because this was the only way to promote themselves in the Empire’s magistracy.

Must be remembered, that the merchants also had a rather big interest in learning this language. Latin represented the language of commerce throughout the Empire.

A journey through the history of Romania: From the beginnings to the present

To put it another way, Latin became the main means of communication. The old populations abandoned their mother tongue. To conclude, its scope of use has narrowed more and more. It was used only as the language of communication in the family.

That is to say, the process of adopting the mother tongue and leaving the mother tongue is called romanization. It took place in all the regions conquered by the Romanians. Latin, which was introduced in Dacia, was spoken by the inhabitants of this province. This changed as it happened in the other Romanian provinces. So, when the Empire fell apart in the 4th century, Latin developed into varieties that eventually became the Romance languages.

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Then again, for several centuries, a slow evolution took place. In this situation, this evolution caused Latin to undergo great changes. Following these changes, in the 8th century, the Romanian language began to appear. The elements that prove that new languages ​​are developing in all the Romanian provinces appear in Latin texts from the West.

The importance of knowing history – Learn the Romanian online

Although this may be true, they started to appear in the 6th century. They were more and more numerous during the 7th century and at the beginning of the 8th century. The first to notice that something had happened to the Latin language was the emperor Charlemagne. This was the initiator of Reformei Carolingian. This reform promoted the saving of Scirse Latin by returning to the norms of classical Latin.

Returning to Charlemagne, we recall the fact that he brought a learned monk from England. He started teaching Latin at the Saint-Martinde-Tours monastery. Together with other monks from Ireland, England, and Italy, they achieved a purification of the written, religious, and administrative Latin language. They eliminated the phonetic and grammatical chaos that had engulfed the written language under the influence of its oral practice. For this approach, the priests took literary Latin as a model. They also considered the works of cultured Christian authors and the grammar treatises of Antiquity.

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After that, returning to the history of this language, we also mention the fact that the Latin language was also known as medieval Latin. This was the only language of civilization until the 12th century.

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About the Latin language from Dacia – Learn Romanian Language Online

As I have shown, we also talk about how to learn Romanian and explore eating habits. Studying gastronomic traditions offers you many opportunities.

About Romania’s Enchanting Journey through Time

After that, you will be able to understand the relationship between people and food. Likewise, learn about the values and habits related to food. Therefore, all these things can stimulate reflection on one’s own culture.

In addition, you will better understand how food is perceived and practiced in different cultural contexts. Learning about Romanian traditions gives you another perspective.

It helps you to enrich your linguistic knowledge. Therefore, you will be able to discover the beauty of Romanian culture and identity. This theme is dedicated to foreign citizens. In this way, they will better understand this country’s social and cultural context.

Before becoming the Romanian language, the Latin language in Dacia was also enriched with some old Greek words. It is about words specific to Danube Latin, then transmitted to the Romanian language. These words do not exist in the other Romance languages.

Until the emergence of the Romanian language, various migratory populations passed through the Danube provinces of the former Roman Empire.

For example, the Visigoths, an ancient Germanic people, are remembered as having buried their treasure. It is also said about them that they had a bishop named Wulfila who brought here the first Bible in a Germanic language.

In conclusion, the Romanian language does not have any word that is unanimously accepted as old Germanic.

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