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The today’s article (we think) it’s going to be special and educative. Of course, we will provide you once more some Romanian language knowledge, some words of fruits and vegetables in Romanian in order for you to have the skill set to go to the nearest supermarket and order them directly from the employee in perfect Romanian. So, why not for you to learn some more Romanian online, through this page and widen your vocabulary? Who doesn’t go to the grocery store or to the supermarket and doesn’t get fruits and vegetables?

If you already live in Romania, this will be proved very useful for you as, even in this country the level of English knowledge is quite high, in the supermarkets and grocery shops, most likely you will find older people who have some difficulties to speak English. In addition, trust us, they will appreciate the fact that you are going to try to speak in their language and even you didn’t get yet any Romanian lessons, you should give it a try with the words that we will provide you with! Of course the most important verb for this occasion is:

I want = vreau

I would like = Aș dori/Aș vrea (the polite way)

Don’t forget to say hi:

Good morning = Bună dimineața

Good day = Bună ziua

Good evening = Bună Seara

Hello = Bună

Good bye = Pa

See you = La revedere

Now, let’s learn move on directly to the point by seeing the names of the fruits and vegetables that you are going to buy. Before this, a very usual expression that we all use to the for our groceries is:

Are they fresh? = Sunt proaspete?

We suppose that there is no one that wants to have his apples and tomatoes rotten.

Here we go first with the fruits = fructe:

apple = mere

Apples of all types are cultivated a lot in Romania and they are among the fruits that they are most consumed in that country. Personal opinion: I ate the best apple pie there!

apple pie = plăcintă cu mere

I eat = eu mănânc

pear = pere

As it happens with apples, the production of pears in Romania is also big.

banana = banane (not quite big difference right?)

strawberry = căpșune

One of the favourite fruits of Romanians.

cherry = cireșe

One of the most expensive ones.

peach =piersici

apricot =caise

grapes = strugurii

orange = portocale

pomegranate = rodii

I suppose we have got you covered as far as fruits concerned. Let’s see now some of the most used vegetables = legume:

lettuce = salată verde

cabbage = varză

Cabbage is one of the most eating vegetable in Romania. People love to eat it either row as an ingredient of a salat, or they make the famous pickled cabbage = varză murată which is something that never misses from a Romanian household.

carrot= morcovi

potato = cartofi

tomato = roșii

peas = mazăre

parsley = pătrunjel

eggplant = vinete

pumpkin = dovlecei

Don’t forget to make a traditional ciorbă de legume with all these vegetables you learned today, which is basically a soup of vegetables, a very common and tasty dish which is served as first course most of the times.

As we finish this article, you would have realised by now that you don’t actually need a private Romanian teacher in order to remember the above words. Until you decide to have Romanian lessons for foreigners, you only need to have our list in order to run to the nearest market and start your shopping!

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