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Time seems to be a mysterious character, who gives us a gift every morning to take it back in the evening – the day. Due to this, each of us values ​​his time and uses it to his advantage.

We all wake up to start our day at work and then return home, take care of household chores, have a good time with family, go out with friends, and find time for ourselves. A lot of things to do in one day, right? If you also have such a schedule, learning a foreign language seems impossible.

 Our article comes to your aid and shows you that, in the case of the Romanian language, you already know a few words. Some of them are equivalent in the language you already speak – English – or sound similar to some words in French or Italian. Take a look at the words we have chosen and convince yourself!


English has stormed all peoples…


…Including that of the Romanians. Many English words are used by Romanians in everyday speech. You should know that it is ok to address them with these words without necessarily looking for an equivalent in Romanian.

  • Business – is used as in English, defining an activity related to a certain field; an occupation
  • Cash – in the age of bank cards, this word quickly entered the market and in vocabulary; likewise, it refers to payments made with notes
  • Staff – the group of people under a certain leadership, a team
  • Office – the expressions work from home or office have also entered the vocabulary of Romanians, and the office is used quite often, both to show a certain clothing category and the place where you work, office

The following list of words that we provide you with contains similar words, both in Romanian and in English. To make it easier to understand, I made simple sentences in which I underlined a word written in Romanian.


It is a tradition for the bride to be accompanied by her father to the altar.

 The party starts when a bottle of vin opens.

 My mama used to cook every day.

 Familie reunions are welcome.

 Now I see her quite rar.

I have to convey something extremely important to him.


Other such words are:

 – Arch – arc

 -Garden – grădină

– Must-must

– Liquor – licoare

– Talisman – talisman

– Bioengineering – bioinginerie

– Aplication – aplicație

– Problem – probleme

– Minutes – minute

– Important – important

– Million – milion

So, as you noticed in the examples above, the Romanian language is easier than it seems and that’s because some words are already familiar to you, either they look the same or they differ by a few letters. In a few minutes, you can learn them!

 There are many examples, and if you are curious, our teacher is waiting for you at the online Romanian language courses where you can start learning Romanian today from the comfort of your home.


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