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You may have heard or read about Romanian, but how much do you really know about this language? For example, did you know that there are about 28 million people in the world who speak this language? Or that the Romanian language is taught in over 40 countries? I say that these are well-founded reasons to learn Romanian online, right? If you are not 100% convinced, you will find below 10 more interesting information or reasons to enroll in online courses today!

The third longest word in Europe belongs to the Romanian language

We like to give trouble to the natives, but also to those who want to learn the Romanian language! Thus, the longest word of the Romanian language is also in the top 3 of Europe. It is a 44-letter word – PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANICONIOSIS, a medical term that refers to a lung disease. Do you have the courage to pronounce it?

Unique and untranslatable words

Romania has a series of unique words that have entered the UNESCO cultural heritage. These refer to the specific traditions of Romania. It’s about colindă, doina, and dor. The last two words can’t even be translated properly! Dor refers to the feeling you have when you miss someone, and doina is a song, most of the time, sad.

A language close to the soul of the faithful ones

Did you know that Romanian is one of the 5 languages ​​in which the services on Mount Athos are held? That’s impressive, isn’t it? It’s as if you want to learn Romanian too!

When did the Romanian language appear?

About 1700 years ago! And it has a bloody history behind it. The Romanian language you are learning today was formed when Dacia was conquered by the Romans. Thus, the territory they occupied naturally began to adopt the language of the conquerors. And the Romanian language we use has been deeply influenced by vulgar, common Latin.

Old words, old since the world

Or close enough! The oldest Romanian words appear in texts somewhere before the year 1000 AD. For example, August was first encountered in 940 AD, and cumătră (sister-in-law) even earlier, in 870 AD. We know all this because they were discovered by linguistic experts in Slavonic texts from that period.

Also spoken in the Republic of Moldavia

The Romanian language for foreigners has never been easier, especially since it will help you not only in Romania! You will be able to communicate in Romanian everywhere, especially if you choose this part of Europe. Romanian is also spoken in the Republic of Moldova, so you can also visit this country – it is very close to Romania!

It is written as it sounds

That gives good news! What does this thing mean? That if you learn the letters and sounds in Romanian, you will be able to easily read words, groups of words, and then whole sentences! You don’t have to worry, it’s not as difficult as English, French and … like any other language!

Full of philosophy – sayings and proverbs

The Romanian people are very philosophical! They like to speak in a very wise way, regardless of the subject of the discussion. But you don’t have to take them ad litteram, especially since many of them have other meanings! 😊 For example, my mustard jumped off is one of the funniest and it means that someone is very nervous! 

So many words, so little used

We have good news and one … less good news! The bad part is that there are almost 80,000 words in the Romanian vocabulary. That sounds like a lot of Romanian language lessons, right? The good news is that … only 1500 words are used in everyday life. This makes Romanian more accessible and easier! And you will probably use a lot less, only the essential ones: usual verbs, numbers, days, seasons, etc. You can also find various examples on the blog!

The most special letters

Participants in online Romanian language courses for foreigners are most often scared of … diacritics! What are these? Diacritics are special letters found in Romanian that start from simple letters to which different symbols are added. Talk about:

Ă – starts from A, but has a hat – / ə /

Î – from I, but with a circumflex accent – / ɨ /

 – he also leaves A + circumflex – / ɨ /

Ș – starts with the letter S and we add a comma below – / ʃ /

Ț – from T + comma under letter – / t͡s /

As you read above, the Romanian language is a real linguistic treasure and more! It is a language suitable for these happy, friendly and … ambitious people! And if you want to learn it, the online Romanian language courses are waiting for you! We are one click away!

Romanian language courses from 15 €/hour. Cursuri de limba romana de la 15 €/ ora.