Interactive Romanian lessons

Learning the Romanian language becomes much more exciting when enriched with cultural and traditional elements specific to Romania. Through these interactive Romanian lessons, you will learn the language much easier.

This article explores how can use various aspects of Romanian culture and history. Through them, you can turn Romanian lessons into interactive and memorable experiences.

Interactive Romanian Lessons: The use of Romanian literature and poetry

Literary readings and analyses

Studying classical and contemporary literature is a highly effective approach to mastering the Romanian language You can read and discuss the works of Romanians such as Mihai Eminescu, Ion Creanga, or Mircea Cartarescu. Interactive activities can even include reading groups, thematic discussions, and dramatic interpretations of the texts.

Romanian poetry

Reciting and analyzing the poems of Mihai Eminescu or Nichita Stanescu helps to understand the rhythm and intonation of the language. You can create your poems in the style of these great poets, thus exploring the nuances and subtleties of the Romanian language.

Exploring Romania’s history through interactive projects

Historical research projects

So, you can carry out research projects about important historical events in the history of Romania. We recall here the Union of Romanian Principalities, the Revolution of 1989, or the reign of Vlad Tepes. These projects may include historical re-enactments or group discussions.

Virtual Tours

In the event that, Romania’s historical and cultural sites can now be explored through immersive virtual tours, providing a captivating and interactive experience. So, all these perfectly complement the theoretical lessons. In that case, we mention Bran Castle, Sighisoara Citadel, and the National Museum of the Village.

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Discovering Romanian traditions and customs

Holidays and customs

You can learn about Romanian holidays such as Martisorul, Easter, or Christmas. In the first place, you explore their cultural and historical meanings. In short, interactive activities include making martisores, coding Easter eggs, or playing Christmas carols.

Dances and traditional music

In sum, incorporating dances and traditional music in Romanian lessons can be very effective. You can learn the basic steps of hora or serba while listening to traditional music performed by famous artists.

Romanian gastronomy in interactive Romanian lessons

In that case, cooking workshops can be organized where students prepare traditional Romanian dishes. So, we mention here the sarmales, mamaliga or cozonacul. In summary, this is an interactive and educational way to learn the Romanian language. During these cooking workshops, you can learn the specific vocabulary and discuss the origins and meanings of these dishes.

On the positive side, creating scenarios in which you can play the roles of chefs or customers in a restaurant can help you practice everyday conversations and learn food-related vocabulary.

Romanian films and documentaries

So, watching Romanian movies and documentaries with subtitles can help you to understand the language and culture. Films such as Morometii, Aferim, or 4 Months, 3 Weeks, and 2 Days, offer valuable perspectives on Romanian history and society. Provided that, after watching, you can participate in discussions and analyses of the films.

Of course, organizing film clubs where you can watch and discuss Romanian films can stimulate interest in the Romanian language and culture. So, these sessions can include debates, film reviews, and presentations about Romanian directors and actors.

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In effect, the incorporation of these interactive techniques into Romanian lessons enhances the language learning experience. Simultaneously, there is an enhanced understanding of Romanian culture and traditions. At the same time, you learn a new language and discover a fascinating world, full of history, art, and unique customs.


In conclusion, learning a foreign language is a complex and challenging process. In another case, by using interactive methods, this process can turn into an engaging and efficient experience. So, for foreigners who want to learn a new language, these interactive Romanian lessons play an essential role in facilitating learning and deepening the understanding of Romanian culture.

In detail, these interactive Romanian lessons offer numerous advantages for foreigners. At the same time, it contributes to more efficient and pleasant learning. In fact, these methods improve language skills and facilitate a deeper understanding of Romanian culture and society.

So, by increasing engagement, improving pronunciation, providing a cultural context, and developing critical thinking skills, interactive lessons transform learning the Romanian language into a truly memorable and valuable experience.

Interactive Romanian lessons

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