Article by Oana Iosifidis

One of our favourite things to do when we have free time, is definitely going to the movies. The seventh art as the cinema is also known, is one of the greatest pleasures undoubtedly. Unfortunately, during the covid outbreak, the governments took the decisions to close the cinemas along, of course, with other places of leisure like malls, bars, restaurants, stadiums and so on. The movies industry went through a crisis at that period as a result of the cinemas closure. After the situation got better, with these difficult measures that affected people’s lives and also with the mass vaccinations, there was a light in the tunnel and new movies started to be produced and coming to the cinemas. We would say though, that this specific industry is still in a phase of recovery.

Same thing is happening in Romania. Specifically, in this article, like we did in the past, we will provide two small dialogues which will have to do with movies and cinema. Of course, in Romanian language and of course we will also give you the translation. So, don’t worry if you haven’t yet taken any Romanian lessons or private Romanian lessons. After the dialogues that we will constantly be providing you, you will have the possibility to impress your private Romanian tutor and show him what you learned on your own!

After the long intro, let’s see together our first dialogue in which two friends are talking about which movie to see and when:

Vlad: Hello Simona how are you? What are you doing tonight?

Simona: Hi Vlad, I am good! I don’t have any plans.

Vlad: Would you like to go to the movies with me?

Simona: Good idea. Which movies are playing?

Vlad: Many, but the new James Bond is the best. It is at 19:00.

Simona: Great, I will be there!

Vlad: Buna Simona ce mai faci? Ce faci diseară?

Simona: Bună Vlad, sunt bine! Nu am niciun plan.

Vlad: Ai vrea să mergi cu mine la film?

Simona: Bună idee. Ce filme sunt?

Vlad: Multe, dar noul James Bond este cel mai bun. Este la ora 19:00..

Simona: Super, voi fi acolo!

Moving on with the next dialogue, we will be a person who wants to buy tickets for a movie from the cashier:

Person: Good evening.

Employee: Good evening sir, can I help you?

Person: Sure. I would like two tickets for the movie ‘’Spiderman’’ at 20:00.

Employee: Very good. Would you like to sit in the middle or in the back?

Person: In the back please. How much do they cost?

Employee: 50 lei please.

Person: Here you are. Thank you very much, have a great evening.

Employee: Enjoy the movie!

Persoană: Bună seară.

Angajat: Bună seară domnule, vă pot ajuta?

Persoana: Sigur. As dori două bilete la filmul ‘’Spiderman’’ la ora 20:00.

Angajat: Foarte bine. Ți-ar plăcea să stai în mijloc sau în spate?

Persoana: În spate, vă rog. Cât costă?

Angajat: 50 lei vă rog.

Persoana: Poftim. Mulțumesc frumos, o seară bună.

Angajat: Bucurați-vă de film!

Now you are a step closer to be able to buy the cinema tickets on your own. By the way, in Romania, most of the cinemas, choose to play the movies in original audio with the subtitles in Romanian language, which will help you a lot if you try to learn it. We found it very useful, I hope you will as well!

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