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Article by Oana Iosifidis

If you are an expat in Romania, or just travelling here very often, probably the first words you wanted to learn are the bad ones. Seems like this is “the adult way” of learning a foreign language, and you need this step, in order to be ready to learn the beautiful Romanian words.

During time, in my previous jobs, I have worked with many foreigners. American, French, Greek…. And what I noticed is that most of them were trying to learn our swear words and they found them very funny. Some of them just wanted to recognize when somebody was saying something bad around them. Others just wanted to shock their co-workers. It was really funny when, in a very serious meeting, one of them was throwing a bad word in Romanian.

Also, some of my Romanian colleagues had their kind of fun, when one of them was asking how to say something totally innocent and they were teaching them the wrong thing, which was resulting in them making a fool of themselves, very soon. I am guessing you do not want to be in this situation!

So, if you are like my foreign friends, probably you know the bad words already. Now you are ready to learn the beautiful Romanian words.
What if you went to work one morning, with your Romanian coleagues and instead of saying “Good morning!”, you say “Bună dimineața!”? Imagine their faces !😊

What if somebody wishes you “Have a nice day!” And you say “Mulțumesc!”?
Do you know how to say beautiful in Romanian? It is: frumos (masc.) / frumoasă (fem.).

Here are some words and expressions that might come in handy, when travelling to Romania:

  • Hello! – Bună!
  • Hi! – Salut!
  • How are you? – Ce faci? (sg.)/ Ce mai faceţi? (pl.)
  • Fine, thank you. – Bine, mulţumesc.
  • Excuse me. – Scuzaţi-mă.
  • I am sorry. –  Îmi pare rău.
  • Nice to meet you!  – Îmi pare bine!
  • Goodbye! – La revedere!
  • Good. – Bine.
  • Thank you very much! – Mulţumesc mult!
  • Please. Te rog (sg.) / Vă rog. (pl.)
  • Yes. – Da.
  • No. – Nu.
  • You are welcome! – Cu plăcere!
  • Good morning! – Bună dimineaţa!
  • Good afternoon! – Bună ziua!
  • Good night! – Noapte bună!
  • I do not understand. Eu nu înţeleg.
  • I do not speak Romanian. – Nu vorbesc româneşte.
  • Cheers! Noroc!
  • What is your name? – Cum vă numiţi?
  • My name is … –  Numele meu este…
  • Have a nice day! – Îti doresc o zi minunată!”

Are there any other pretty Romanian words you have heard and you would like to understand how they are used?

If you found this useful, feel free to navigate our site for more resources. You will find words and phrases for specific situations and interesting information about this beautiful country, its places and traditions.
Also, leave us a comment below, telling us, what would you like to find on our site.
Until next time, Îti doresc o zi minunată!

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