Romania promises a lot, and if you already visited the capital and you’re traveling appetite isn’t already satisfied I challenge you to plan an unmissable 1- day journey in some of the best places to visit from Bucharest. Stay tuned and choose the perfect spot to visit!

Transfăgărășan and Transalpina – Spectacular views right on the way

Best places to visit from Bucharest

The Transfăgărășan Road crosses the Făgăraș Mountains, the highest mountains in Romania. As the road rises higher and higher into the mountains and the curves become ever-tinier, traveling on Transfăgărășan is both adventurous and stunning. You can travel to Bâlea Waterfall and then, from there, board a gondola to Bâlea Lake. The landscapes are gorgeous.

Or witness Parâng Mountains in Romania’s Southern Carpathians by taking a picturesque drive on the Transalpina, also known as the DN67C. Locals have referred to it as the King’s Road or the Devil’s Pathway since it is one of the highest highways in the country. The road’s highest point is Urdele Pass, which rises 2,145 meters above sea level. Between Novaci and Sebeș, the road passes through four counties. The Transalpina gives breathtaking mountain views as well.

Sibiu – European City of Culture

Sibiu delights history and culture enthusiasts with the ASTRA Museum of Folk Civilization, boasting over 300 historic wooden buildings, churches, and workshops.

Also, The Brukenthal Art Museum has an amazing collection of Romanian artwork. The city houses a philharmonic orchestra, three theaters, and an annual performing arts festival. In 2008, Forbes ranked the city as the eighth-most popular location to live in Europe.

Sibiu is also referred to as the “City of Eyes,” since secret pairs of eyes keep a check on the people.

Local manufacturers from the Sibiu region travel every Friday from 8 am to 2 pm to sell their handmade goods. At Huet Plaza’s Evangelical Church courtyard, enjoy a market featuring locally grown bread, cheese, sausages, fruits, and vegetables.

Visit the city’s traditional Christmas Market in winter for the chance to meet Santa and purchase delicious traditional food. Visit the Lies Bridge, a passageway connecting The Little Square and The Huet Square, known for its delightfully charming legend.

Slănic Prahova Salt Mine

Best places to visit from Bucharest

The Slănic Prahova Salt Mine is a captivating side excursion located over 100 kilometers from Bucharest. The biggest salt mine in Europe, which was first used for tourism in 1686, is still in service today.

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The mine’s interior consists of 14 trapezoidal chambers, some of which have ceilings as tall as 70 meters. A tiny museum, a soccer field, and a playground are among the attractions found inside the Salt Mine. As a result of its therapeutic uses, the underground also functions as a spa.

Slanic village, located just an hour from Bucharest, offers a unique underground room network carved by miners over decades.

You can also visit the Berca Mud Volcanoes in Buzău County, known for Europe’s remarkable geothermal mud and gas eruptions.

Seaside on the way, just a couple of hours away  

Best places to visit from Bucharest

An outing to Constanța from Bucharest is the best choice if you’re looking for a seashore escape while visiting Romania. So, for a day trip, Constanța can be reached by vehicle in about 2.5 hours.

In a word, many tourists are attracted to Constanța to see the magnificent casino there. In the same way, it’s a renowned destination for residents, professional photographers, history enthusiasts, and tourists looking for a picturesque afternoon retreat.

All in all, don’t forget to visit the Tomis Touristic Port, the Grand Mosque of Constanța’s tower, Ovidiu Square, and Plaja Mamaia!

For one thing, the old Town of Constanța has charming cobblestone streets. Those twist and weave around the historic structures in the area. So, there are several lovely stores and delectable restaurants to explore. As a result, the location on the Black Sea shore offers an abundance of fresh fish. This ensures you won’t leave empty-handed. So, the other well-known Black Sea city in Romania is Mangalia, which is situated on the coast south of Constanța. Mangalia attracts numerous summer visitors due to its numerous resorts with stunning beach views and lively waterfront nightlife.

Piatra Craiului Mountains

As a matter of fact, part of the broader Southern Carpathian Range, the stunning Piatra Craiului Mountains are a wonderful day trip from Bucharest.

At this time, there are many different types of landscapes in the national park, including woods, canyons, high mountain ranges, and glacial lakes. As can be seen, longer hiking trails offer higher elevations and the opportunity to visit traditional villages scattered throughout the park.

So, as a national park, the region is protected, offering numerous scenic hiking trails of varying difficulty through hills and peaks.

In a word, the best places to visit from Bucharest, here’s a “heart-melting” one you shouldn’t miss!

So, Zărnești’s Liberty Bear Sanctuary, dedicated to protecting brown bears and rehabilitating injured ones, has been working tirelessly for two decades.

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Given these points, to find out more about bears and the efforts being made to conserve them, you can go to the sanctuary.

Comana Natural Reserve

At this point, Comana Natural Park is an excellent day trip destination located just a short drive from Bucharest. So, this nature reserve, which is just south of the country’s capital, is famous for its wetlands. Above all, guests can relax their time by taking strolls through the nearby woodland or along the lake’s edge. The natural park is a must-see for bird lovers because of Comana’s biodiversity, which includes over 140 different bird species. For this reason, Comana Adventure Park provides outdoor activities like zip-lining and kayaking on the Neajlov Delta, adjacent to the nature park. The Comana Monastery is also located in the area and, despite its outward look, dates back to the 16th century.

Tips and tricks for the Best places to visit from Bucharest

Romania is considered one of the safest countries to travel to, of course, some caution would be recommended.

Note that driving is done on the right hand of the road.

So, Romania is a member of the European Union and allows most visitors to stay without a visa for up to 90 days. Traveling from another EU country, you can enter without a visa and stay as long as you like.

At this point, autumn is perfect for traveling to Romania with moderate temperatures and enjoyable cool evenings. Even more, fall is a more affordable time of year, and the country normally looks stunning as all the trees change color. The beginning of October is quite rainy, but it is still tolerable.

As can be seen, Romanian traditions, customs, and celebrations are very important throughout the winter. Since mountain lodging is typically booked for winter holidays, December tends to be an expensive month for travel.

As a result, the ideal season for visiting Romania depends on your preferences, needs, time, and budget.

Final thoughts about the Best places to visit from Bucharest

Being that, Romania offers adventures, tranquility, and family-friendly experiences, welcoming visitors from around the world with open arms.

Above all, Romania’s vast historical, cultural, and traditional richness requires several days or even weeks to explore thoroughly.

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