Bogdan Spataru

Romanian Teacher

Hello there! My name is Bogdan and I would like to thank you for visiting my page. I’ve been teaching Romanian Language since 2009, the year when I got my Bachelor’s Degree at the University of History and Archeology of Salonica. I also followed master’s degree studies, in the field of Education Sciences, after which, I worked on various projects in  Romanian teaching at home and abroad (Greece and Denmark).

Romanian language, my first passion, became my time my work. The courses held over the years with very good results and the recommendations received, made me set up this site, dedicated to Romanian lovers.

I love everything that Romania represents (language, mountains, food and good will) and from here comes and my dream to help as many people fall in love with this blessed land.

I am sure I can share my knowledge with everyone, I also know from my learning experience, which spans over 15 years, that navigating this process without guidance can be a challenge. If you need help, you can contact me to schedule a free 30-minute Skype session.

Speaks: English, Greek, Romanian

Teaches: Romanian

Anca Curelaru

Romanian Teacher

It is incredible to have such a talented and a fresh new member join our team. We are talking about Anca, the collaborating teacher who speaks Greek, English, French and Romanian!

What do you need to know about Anca?

Anca is an extraordinary teacher. In addition to her undeniable talent for languages, which is demonstrated by the languages she already speaks fluently, Anca has also gained over the years a special ability to help others learn a new language easily. Putting her experience and the methods she has successfully tested into play, Anca is the best help you can find if you want to learn Romanian.

Why learn Romanian with Anca?


Because a good teacher can make any effort look easy. Because she will help you understand, because her method is to accurately identify your needs and deliver the elements you need at a pace that is comfortable for you.

Speaks: English, French, Greek, Romanian

Teaches: Romanian, Greek

Cristinel Dâdăl

Romanian Teacher

I am Cristinel Dâdăl, and I am 40 years old. I have a degree in Theology and Romanian Language from the University of Bucharest. I also have a Master’s degree in History of Religions.

Over the years I have published short prose, poetry and theatre. I have collaborated for a long time with different newspapers, magazines and publishing houses, for which I have written various materials.

If the great poet Nichita Stănescu said “The Romanian language is my homeland”, well, I can also say that the Romanian language is my home. It is a wonderful language that I know very well and I think I can help you discover it too.


Speaks: English, Greek, Romanian

Teaches: Romanian

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