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Romanian language is one of the commonly known Romance languages, as Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French. It’s a very interesting and -fun to know- language, being the closest (as many philologists agree) to the Latin language compared with the rest of this group. We wouldn’t say that Romanian for foreigners is very hard, in fact, it is among the easiest European languages that someone can learn. Of course, the possibilities to learn it are getting more and more bigger if the person is a native speaker of the one of the above romance languages. This language is rich and in today’s article, we will see through an example, why!

In today’s Romanian lesson, we will find out the ways that you actually can apologize in Romanian.

Îmi cer scuze! =  I apologize!

Scuză-mă / mă scuzi! (informal) =  Excuse me!

Scuzați-mă / mă scuzați! (formal and plural) = Excuse me!

Îmi pare rău! = I am sorry!

Pardon! =  Sorry!

Scuză-mă că te deranjez! (informal) =  Excuse me for disturbing you!

Scuzați-mă că vă deranjez! (formal and plural) = Excuse me for disturbing you!

Scuză-mă, o clipă / scuză-mă, un moment! (informal) =  Excuse me for a moment!

Scuzați-mă, o clipă / scuzați-mă, un moment! (formal and plural) = Excuse me for a moment!

Acceptă, te rog, scuzele mele! (informal) =  Please accept my apologies!

Acceptați, vă rog, scuzele mele! (formal and plural) = Please accept my apologies!

Te rog să mă scuzi! (informal) = Please excuse me!

Vă rog să mă scuzați! (formal and plural) =  Please excuse me!

We really hope that you won’t need to be in a position to use often one of the above words and phrases, but in case this will be necessary, they can be proved to be very useful when you decide to visit this beautiful country.

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