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Like any other language, Romanian is like a treasure waiting to be discovered. You can achieve this both by studying it (through our online courses, for example), but also by documenting about it and the country it comes from – Romania. This article welcomes you, giving you a list of curiosities about this melodious language.

Romanian is a Romance language

Like many other languages, Romanian is part of the great family of Romance languages. You’ve probably heard of Italian or French; find out that they are “sisters” with Romanian, which makes things simpler. Some words will sound familiar to you probably due to these common origins.

The Romanian language is special. So are her characters

All the characters of the Romanian language are special, but, unlike other languages, it also contains 5 different letters. They are called diacritics and many students find them quite difficult. They are: ă, î, ș and ț. To give you an idea of ​​how they are pronounced, we will give you some examples.

The letter ă is pronounced as a from the word mystical; ș is the same as sh from should. The letters î or â have no equivalent in English, but the letter ț brings with ts from thats. We know, you will have fun learning Romanian! But don’t be scared, you will get used to the diacritics as soon as you have some concrete examples in mind.


It is also spoken in another country

It would be good to know that the Romanian language is not only spoken in Romania but also the Republic of Moldova. This country was originally part of Romania but was taken by the Soviet Union.

At that time, Moldova was called Bessarabia; it kept its Romanian language as its national language. Thus, if you travel to Romania, you can ask the natives to tell you something about their sister – the Republic of Moldova.


You already know a few words

Although, as I stated above, Romanian is a Romance language and English is a Germanic language, there are some similarities. Some words are strikingly similar, both in meaning and form:

  • Palm – palmă
  • Family – familie
  • Candle -candelă
  • Rarely – rar

And the list goes on. The first form is in Romanian, and the second in English.


Language with seniority

Romanian is the mother tongue for 25 million people, and another 4 million choose it as a secondary language. It has a distant history, its form beginning to take shape from the time of the Dacians and the Romans. Hence the Romance influence that the Romanian language has nowadays.

So, the language in which Inna sings, O – zones, and other bands is melodic and full of mysteries! These are just some of the things that will arouse your curiosity to study it, and our online Romanian language courses are at your fingertips.




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