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Our today’s Romanian lessons will focus on public transport. We will analyze the importance of using this kind of transport and through this, we will provide some useful words for the foreigners that would like to extend their Romanian knowledge and more specifically, their vocabulary without the need of a Romanian teacher. Of course, especially nowadays with the pandemic still in high levels, the Romanian lessons for foreigners are easy to find, either online, either in private Romanian in a classroom.

Did you know that currently the 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas, with the predictions for reaching 70% by mid century to be mostly accurate? And what does this practically mean? It means that cities present problems such as heavy traffic on the streets which creates additional CO2 emissions. Researches showed that around 20% of all CO2 emissions come from road traffic with the future to be even darker and the percentage is mathematically certain that it will become bigger.

population = populație

prediction = predicție

city = oraș

traffic = tafic

street = stradă

future = viitor

However, there is still time for each and every one of us to play a role to prevent as much as we can the further spread of the pollution. How? By limitting the traffic, is a first but important step. Use the bus instead of taking your car to drive to work, use the metro which is  extremely easy to use, it doesn’t depend on the street’s traffic and is most of the times very accurate. In the biggest cities, you will most probably find a subway station at your neighbohood. Another research says that public transport is among the most direct ways to reduce congestion, if done in the right way.

time = timp

role = rol

spread = răspândire

pollution = poluare

bus = autobuz

metro = metrou

tram = tramvai

ticket = bilet

station = stație

neighbohood = cartier

Another one reason, is the economical one. It is certain that by using the public transport, you will save much more money than using your own car every day. Especially the past period, the fuel has been even more and more expensive in every country. We bet that using a ticket or bying a monthly card for transporting with the bus or the metro (or both) is by far more economical.

I save money = economisesc bani

car = mașină

fuel = combustibil

benzin = benzină

diesel = motorină

country = țară

expensive = scump

cheap = ieftin

Last but not least, is the working opportunities. If more and more people trust the public transport, the needs for covering this demand will grow and more people will be hired as professional drivers or employees in general.So the city that you live in, will be benefited in multiple ways. The pollution will be less, more people will have jobs, the traffic will be significantly reduced and everyone will be happier!

Bonus reason: don’t forget the bicycle! Especially if you live in a city with low altitude, what better to combine the necessary (going to work) with the healthy and sport (on a bike)!

trust = încredere

demand = cerere

professional driver = sofer profesionist

employee = angajat

happy = fericit

bicycle = bicicleta

health = sănătate

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