The last time we caught up from this corner was when we wrote some things about the Christmas traditions and customs in Romania. We also provided some key words in Romanian language mainly for the foreigners who want to learn some few things before they hire their own Romanian tutor.

Let’s call today’s article ‘’the aftermath’’. What happens when the Christmas holidays are finished? We will focus mainly in the children’s psychology. Of course, once more we will play for a little bit, the role of your private Romanian teacher by writing down some words and phrases in Romanian.

Christmas holidays = sărbătorile de Crăciun

children = copii

psychology = psihologie

Christmas and New Year: presents, children singing carols, food and sweets of all kind, parties and the list continues. After this period of joy and happiness, follows the difficult period that everyone and especially the kids have to return to the reality. This fact is usually connected with sadness, tension and melancholy. There are some people or families that they didn’t do the things that they wanted during the holidays, they didn’t spend them in the way they scheduled them due to some reasons, like financial reasons (no money for presents), health issues, or some may have probably lost a loved one or a separation etc. In these families or individuals, the period of holidays is a sad one and the return to the routine is melancholic as well especially for the children.

presents = cadouri

joy and happiness = bucurie si fericire

reality = realitate

sadness = tristeţe

tension = tensiune

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melancholy = melancolie

routine = rutină

Don’t worry, here we have some advice for you in order to get through this tunnel!

Firstly, try to start exercising. This is the best therapy for your bad mood. Try to make long walks with your children or friends, take your bicycle, exercise at home. These activities will give you the right motivation to in order to get yourself smoothly in the routine.

advise = sfat

physical exercise = exercițiu fizic

bad mood = stare rea de spirit

motivation = motivare

Support your children emotionally in a way that they will understand. Tell them how impatiently you as well were waiting for Christmas and how sad and melancholic you feel now that this period finished. In that way, they will feel that they are not alone in this and it’s perfectly normal to have that kind of emotions.

support = a sustine

patience = răbdare

period = perioadă

Start a new family habit. It could be something that will give a meaning to the end of the holidays and it will be only yours. It could be for instance the creation of a Christmas photo album setting as target to continue it the next year. Or invite their friends to undress the Christmas tree organizing a night with their favourite food. That way they will enjoy somehow the closure of the holidays.

habit = obicei

photo album = album foto

target = ţintă

invite = a invita

Last and maybe the most important, spend quality time with your family. Play with the toys that they received as gifts, read them a new book, watch with them a kid’s movie that they like, make pop corn! As more they feel that they have your attention and you take care of them, they will not feel melancholic. And this is because that after the holidays ending, they will only lose the festive atmosphere and not your presence.

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the most important = cel mai important

toy = jucărie

I read = citesc

book = carte

movie = film

presence = prezenţă

receive = a primi

quality time = timp de calitate

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