If you have already fallen so deeply in love with Romania that you are seriously considering moving here, there are many reasons, both economic and cultural, why this could be a happy decision.

And if you’ve been wondering: what are the benefits of living in Romania? Let us tell you some of the reasons why we think it’s a good idea to move to Romania.

Rents rates in Romania

Probably the first thing you need to consider when thinking about moving to a new place – and it’s only natural – even if we’re not talking about another country, is where you’re going to stay. Here it already depends on your financial possibilities. But if you’re considering renting somewhere from the outset, you’ll find that prices in Romania are pretty good.

Even if we are talking about Bucharest – the capital of the country – prices are decent, however well below the level of other European capitals. What you also need to know is that rent prices will drop the further you move away from the city centre. If you can pay €200 for a studio somewhere further afield, in the city centre it’s likely to be as much as €4-500. Utilities will of course be added to this, but even here the costs will be sustainable.

How is the Romanian food?

Romanian cuisine, both modern and traditional, has a real advantage. Namely that it is extremely tasty, in all its variants, regardless of the different areas of the country where you will be staying. Beyond this, what is extremely important is that Romanian food is balanced in terms of cooking and seasoning. You won’t find exotic dishes, in the sense of extreme particularity. Why is this important? Because in this way it is extremely easy for someone to adapt in everyday life to Romanian food, no matter where in the world they come from.

Is Romania a good country to work?

Yes. Without a doubt. In Romania you will find a very well-developed business environment, where many entrepreneurial foreigners have managed to implement their ideas. Since Romania’s accession to the European Union (2007), many foreign investors have found Romania to be a good market for production and sales.

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Investments have created jobs, trade networks with European countries and beyond, and infrastructure. Taxes are still quite low compared to other nearby countries, which makes Romania an extremely attractive option if your goal is to set up a business.

Attractions in Romania

Here we are doing really well. Firstly, Romania is one of the few European countries with all forms of relief. Here you’ll be able to go to the seaside, but also visit beautiful areas of lowlands and hills. And if the mountains are your life, there are plenty of places to choose from where the wonder of the mountains awaits you.

When it comes to sightseeing, you can’t be disappointed, whatever your preference. From museums, medieval towns, castles, monasteries with unique features, all are waiting for you to discover and enjoy.

What it’s like to be a student in Romania

The Romanian education system is renowned worldwide for its reliability and efficiency. Did you know, for example, that a Romanian pupil has always been on the podium of the International Mathematics Olympiad in recent years? In fact, quite recently, the first 3 places were entirely occupied by Romanians.

Beyond that, universities in Romania’s big cities are known for their exceptional results. If we think only of medicine, where year after year many young people from the European Union and beyond come to study.

Add to this lower school taxes, and you’ll understand why Romania is a country to consider if you’re thinking about studying.

Residential market in Romania

If you want to move to a new country, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to rush into buying or choosing a home. Whether you’re buying or renting, it’s good to have a certain buffer period in which to familiarise yourself with residential areas, market trends, and the nuances that make a house with the same features cheaper or more expensive, depending on the context.

Such restraint will help ensure that your decision, when you make it, is a good and intelligent one.

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The best city in Romania?

It’s hard to draw a line and designate a clear winner. Romania’s big cities (Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj, Sibiu, Oradea, Iasi, Constanta and others) are all options to consider when making your choice. Further, there are certain criteria (traffic, safety of citizens, standard of living, salary levels, etc) that can influence your decision, and there is no definitive recipe here. Some will prioritise certain aspects of the list, others will choose to compromise in some respects in order to be satisfied in others.

Save money

Before you actually take the plunge, if you’ve made the decision to move to Romania, try to save some money. Many people underestimate the total budget of this process quite a lot, especially the one reflected by the first period immediately after you move. There will always be unforeseen expenses, hidden costs or costs you simply didn’t know you needed to take into account. All in all, it’s better when you move to bring more than what you think will be enough 🙂

Learn from the experience of others

Remember: others have paved the way before you! To learn from their experiences, contact friends of friends and join social networking groups for expats in your chosen country. They’ll be an invaluable source of information on great neighborhoods to live in, experiences with employers, health, culture shock and any other items that are important to know up front which.

Learn Romanian

To fully enjoy the benefits of living in Romania, and to ease the sudden transition from a familiar environment to a different one, try to learn the language. Even if you don’t speak it like a native the moment you get off the plane or coach, you’ll feel much more comfortable when you’re able to understand what people are saying and ask for information about things that interest you. We recommend an online course (https://romanianonline.com/romanian-class/).

You can do it remotely, you don’t need to already be in Romania, and it will help you get by in record time in Romania.

Romanian language courses from 15 €/hour. Cursuri de limba romana de la 15 €/ ora.